Reunion Highlights

Posted on 2 October 2010 | 1 Comments

What an event it was!  From happy and anticipated first meetings to protracted and reluctant goodbyes, our reunion weekend was a joyful encounter of classmates and friends.  Folks constantly gathered together, not only at the reunion events, but at breakfast, at the hotel bar, in small group gatherings, and on mini tours of Dumont and other familiar sights.

The gathering at Madison's in Dumont was a great kick-off event.  We "took over" the bar and one of the dining rooms and packed the place for the better part of the evening.  Nothing could be better than watching people's faces as they recognized (or not) one another. 

The tour of Dumont High School was nostalgia at its best.  Mr. Ranieri joined us at the onset. Our tour guide tried very hard to keep us in tow so she could show us all the new parts of the facility.  But we were having none of that, and with a general rally cry of "on to the old building," we scattered to visit the old haunts that we knew so well during four years of our lives.  Science labs were no longer on the third floor and locker areas had been walled off and made into storage rooms, but the old gym was just as it used to be.  As people moved into it and looked around, there was almost a sense of reverence for this place that had seen so many basketball games, dances, gym classes, antics, and slam-bang games.  Everyone had an "I remember" story.

The school tour was followed by lunch at the Grant Street Cafe.  We filled a large dining room to capacity and proceeded to compare the pizza that was ordered with what we used to get 50 years ago when the restaurant was Grant's Tavern.  Some memories are very strong!  We were honored at this time to have Mr. Halk and Mr. Ferrie join us for lunch.  They both looked terrific and had some very pointed memories of their own about our class.

By the time our dinner/dance arrived on Saturday night, so many classmates had already reconnected that the party atmosphere was in full swing.  To complement the conversation we had an excellent cocktail hour and buffet dinner.  The Reverends Edward Cloughen and Charles Cloughen provided thoughtful invocations, and MC, Howard Hupp, remembered our departed classmates and thanked those in attendance who served in the military. Music from the Fifties and Sixties kept us dancing and tapping our feet throughout the night. Carol Beck Schmidt, the prime mover and spirit of our reunion, acknowledged the reunion committee and expressed the following sentiment: "On graduation night 50 years ago, it was impossible for us to imagine our 50th reunion.  But looking back from tonight at our graduation, it only seems as though it was a nano second ago."  Verbal agreement could be heard around the dining room.


  • Carol De Silva Schmidt and husband Ed, driving to the reunion from Philadelphia area, made a right turn at Perth Amboy, visited Staten Island, crossed the Veranzano Bridge into Brooklyn and finally made it back to New Jersey via the Henry Hudson Parkway.  Pete Enright and his wife Toot, spent 45 minutes touring the inner belly of Paterson, NJ on their way to the hotel.  And Janet Warren Fatherley and Phil Sharp thought their trip from Vermont would never end as they navigated through Connecticut and across the Tappan Zee Bridge. All of these folks should be commended for their perserverence in getting to the reunion.

  • Greg (Simonian) Madison was our resident cheerleader.  He videoed all the reunion events and surely must have captured some defining moments.  Hopefully, his efforts will be able to be shared with everyone once the technology is worked out.  Thanks, Greg, for bringing so much enthusiasm and fun to our entire weekend.

  • At times the dance floor rocked.  But it was Fred Ungerer who burnt up the floor boards, even when he didn't have a partner!  Fred did the twist and he rocked and rolled and he even did a few dance steps of his own creation.  Huge thanks to Fred for keeping the party rocking.

  • Some classmates just didn't know how to contain themselves. Charlotte, Julie, Joyce, Carla, Mary Ellen and Jill took their after dinner party to one of their hotel rooms.  With no sympathy for thin walls and a celebration of 50 years, Security had to ask them to keep it down three times.  Way to go, ladies!

  • Thanks to everyone who brought memoribilia Saturday night.  Besides great pictures, we had copies of the Periscope and "Sincerely Yours," sports and club jackets, a cheerleading megaphone and uniform, and event programs and invitations.  Sadly, no one preserved one of our classic blue girl's gym suit.

  • Plaudits to the wonderful guests--spouses, partners, friends and family--who also attended the reunion.  Not only did they put up with our chatter and antics, but they also contributed to the events enormously with their gracious attendance, warm conversation, interesting backgrounds and general enthusiasm for our celebration.

  • One of the nicest aspects of our reunion was the way class members helped one another out in making arrangements to attend the reunion, picking up folks at the airport, giving them a place to stay for the weekend and providing rides.

These are just a few of the highlights from our reuniion weekend.  We know that all of you who attended must have a special moment that has stayed with you.  Please contact us with your thoughts, impressions and special moments and we will create a post so that all your memories of our reunion can be shared with others.  Use the Contact tab on this web site or the reunion e-mail address,, to get in touch.

Don't forget to send in your pictures from the reunion.  Send electronic copies directly to Mary Ann Napolitan Hupp at or mail hard copies to Carol Beck Schmidt at 7741 SE Doubletree Drive, Hobe Sound, FL 33455.  Your pictures will be posted on our website in the album for our 50th Reunion.

Also, we are starting a new photo album titled Family, Friends and More.  Send in a favorite picture or two that includes you with your children, grandkids, friends, pets, hobbies, etc.  Be sure to indicate who or what is included in the shot.  Send photos as indicated above.  This should be a great way to further get to know our classmates.

All the reunion yearbooks have been sold, but if anyone wants to purchase a copy, contact us by e-mail at  The cost for the booklet is $18.00 which includes shipping.

Also, some classmates had not sent in bio information but may still like to do so.  If you send in your bio information and/or current picture (see the Info tab on this web site for the form) before January 1, 2011 (FIRM DATE), your bio will be included on a DVD with the rest of the bios in our Reunion Yearbook.  This updated DVD version of the yearbook will be available to all classmates.  More information will be provided about this offering at a later date.

And finally, here's to the Class of 1960.  Thanks for your participation, in so many different ways, in our 50th year celebration.  Until the next time . . . . .