Reunion Dinner Attendees

Posted on 21 July 2010 | 0 Comments

Here we are in July with only a couple of months remaining until our reunion weekend.  With the help of many of our classmates, we have been reaching out to folks to remind them of the reunion events and to send in their bio information and current picture.  The absolute deadline for bios is August 3rd.  Many thanks to everyone who has made phone calls and sent e-mails to encourage the participation of all our class members.

There is still plenty of time to sign up for the reunion dinner.  All information to do so is posted under the Reunion Info tab of this web site.  The following is a list of our classmates who have already sent in their returns, and we anticipate more attendees whose names will be added to the list as their returns come in.  Continue to check this news item for updates.


Ada Montagnino Smith
Al Baird
Andrea Lazarides Byrnes
Andred Nelson & guest
Barbara Mead Ostrom & guest
Carla Crohn Friedman
Carol Albietz Vigus & guest
Carol Beck Schmidt
Carol De Silva Schmitt & guest
Carol Seidel Baird
Catherine Bodurka Quaglino & guest
Charles Cloughen, Rev. & guest
Charles Rossmann & guest
Charlotte Tornichia Johnson
Christa Kniepke Brooks & guest
Cynthia Sparacio Fagan
Daniel Ogden, Rev.
Dennis Villone
Duane Despommier Kuykendall & guest
Edith Van Buren Banzinger & guest
Edward Cloughen, Rev. & guest
Edward Gingras & guest
Eileen Neumuth Hill
Elayne Gwardyak Hallstrom
Fred Ungerer & guest
Gary Perrault & guest
George Kuhl & guest
Gerald Hynes & guest
Greg (Simonian) Madison
Harriet Ritz Sacks & guest
Howard Hupp
Iris Maennicke Redgate
Jacqueline Davis Mirzwa
Janet Warren Fatherley & guest
Jean Henning Cockcroft
Jean Mazza & guest
Jerilyn Cartier Swan & guest
Jill Bilas Sands
Jim Woods
John Jahreis & guest
John Voisenat & guest
Joyce Levine Rogoff
Joyce Van Jahnke Logan
Juliet Storelli O'Connor
Kathleen Lane Subowicz
Larry Fitzgerald
Larry Regina & guest
Leonora Vlaovich & guests
Lois Jones Cole & guest
Margaret Dalnodar Karmitz
Maria Weilburg Keohane & guest
Marilyn White Sheehan
Mary Wilber Bapty & guests
Mary Ann Napolitan Hupp
Mary Ellen Clark Levin
Patricia Breen Marino & guest
Patricia Connelly Pellegrino & guest
Patricia Quigley Guimes & guest
Peter Enright & guest
Peter Martinasco
Richard La Presti & guest
Richard Shields & guest
Ronald Nelson & guest
Ruth Crolius Lynch & guest
Ruth Sironen Ciser
Shirley Reno Kosciusko
Sibylle Janssen Barron & guest
Steven Kieley & guest
Vincent Lally
Walter Godfrey & guest
William Dellner
William Knobel & guest
William Meroth William Nicolosi & guest Winifred Olsen