Posted on 22 August 2015 | 0 Comments

It’s been quite awhile since we’ve had a new posting on our web site. However, in recent weeks some of our classmates have expressed an interest in keeping our site active. For those of you who have continued to log in, whether just to look at all the photos again or to see if any news has been added, please don’t hesitate to send in updated information or pictures either through the contact link on the site or by using the new email address of

Our classmates are still quite a busy lot. Ed Gingras is not the only happy wanderer in our group, but perhaps by now he’s nearer his goal of traveling to all the countries of the world, although an ever-changing global map may continue to present him with challenges. But others of us are on the move as well visiting exotic places such as Machu Pichu, Easter Island and the Galapagos, cruising the rivers of Europe, sunning on beaches in the States and abroad, sojourning in Paris or going on a golf junket around the country. And many of us are traveling to meet up with rediscovered classmates or old friends or to spend time with family.

Most of us are probably well into retirement by now, and it would be interesting to hear what retirement dreams have been fulfilled. And those who continue to work must certainly have some interesting stories to tell.  Use the contact link or email address to let us know what's happening with you these days.

So as we pick up the threads from our 50th Reunion, and continue to make memories, or just enjoy the reveries of many years gone by, wishes to the Class of 1960 for many more good things to come.