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First, the "Guess Who" photo gallery now has captions under some of its pictures.  Take a look for some surprises and to also help name some of the people in the group pictures.  If you can identify yourself in one of the shots, or anyone else, let us know using the contact tab on this web site or by e-mail at

As part of the fun at our reunion dinner/dance, each table had a card containing some pertinent (or maybe impertinent) questions about the classmates attending that evening.  Here are the results of those questions in case you missed the answers when they were read:

  1. Who has the most children:  Charles Rossmann and Jerry Hynes with 6
  2. Who has the most grandchildren:  Carla Crohn Friedman and Larry Regina with 11
  3. Who has the most great grandchildren:  Ronald Nelson with one
  4. Who was the most recently married:  Rev. Daniel Ogden and Charles Rossmann
  5. Who was married the longest:  Mary Wilber Bapty 49 years
  6. Who traveled to the most remote place in the world:  Ed Gingras who went to Antarctica and Easter Island
  7. Who worked the longest for one company:  Bill Meroth 45 years
  8. Who has the most unusual hobby:  Kathy Lane Subowicz who races cars
  9. Who traveled the farthest to come to the reunion:  Carol Albietz Vigus (WA), Andrea Lazarides Byrnes (CA), Ed Gingras (CA), Shirley Reno Kosciusko (CA)

Also, each dinner program contained a list of trivia questions about our town and high school.  They required a lot of serious delving into our memory banks, and Howard Hupp had some fun with everyone while retrieving a few of the answers.  In order that all our classmates can try their hand at dredging up the answers to these questions, they're presented below with the answers at the bottom of the list.

1. What establishments were on the four corners at Washington and Madison Avenues?

2. What was the name of the hardware store in town?

3. What was the name of the two rival hangouts in town?

4. What was the name of the owners' wives?

5. What was the original name of Dumont?

6. Where did we go for ice cream at the Monument?

7. Name two bakeries in Dumont.

8. For the ladies: where did you buy clothing in Bergenfield; in Hackensack; hosiery in Dumont?

9. For the guys: where were you likely to purchase a suit?

10. What was the name of the place next to Washington School that served great French fries?

11. What was the nickname "Pop's Polio House" for?

12. What restaurant in Closter did you go to for pizzas?

13. What was the name of the bar on Knickerbocker Road (actually in Creskill) that the "older" guys went to?

14. Name two bars you went to upstate.

15. Where did you go to ride the rollercoaster?

16. Where did you go for cider and donuts on a fall afternoon?

17. Where did people go to make out on the Hudson

18. What teacher nicknames can you recall?

19. What were students from New Milford called?

20. What was the most despised article of clothing worn by DHS girls?

21. What was Mrs. De Nazario famous for in class?

22. What event sent Messrs. Ferrie and Farese into a tizzy at the end of our senior year?

23. What hoax did Mary Wilber perpetrate on Mr. Cassuli?

24. What was the yearly stunt pulled by male students in the library?

25. After a prom, what New York City clubs might you have gone to?

26. Where did we go ice skating?

27. What "creative events" took place at the reservoir?

28. Who was mayor of Dumont during our school days?

29. Who was police chief?

30. What Dumont graduates joined the Dumont police force?

31. Which of our DHS classmates worked at Frank's?

32. What was Gabe Farese's favorite saying?

33. Who was Mrs. Turnell's sister?

34. What football team was DHS's biggest rival?

35. What was Harry Seigenfuse notorious for?

36. What was Frank Bandino's mantra for students who were acting up?

37. What teacher was famous for his job folders?


1. The County Trust Bank, North Reformed Church, Hishon Motors, Turner's Stationery Store        2. Edelstein's, Dumont Hardware, Dumont Coal and Lumber        3. Frank's and Schuten's      4. Marge and Ma   5. Schraalenburgh        6. Dersay's       7. Geisler's and Merritt         8. Florence Shop, Arnold Constable, Broadway Hosiery     9. Robert Hall, Philmore's       10. Kelly's        11. Pop's Palace, the theater in Bergenfield           12. The Antlers           13. Merritt Club which became The Top Hat         14. Hogan's, Scotty's            15. Palisade's Amusement Park        16. Tice's Farm or Van Riper's Farm      17. Submarine races along the Palisades   18. Wild Bill Mitchell, Mrs. D, Jose Ferrie, Dirty Dave Dervitz, Big Frank, Mr. Mac      19. River Rodents      20. Gym suit       21. Throwing chalk       22. Students having an old final exam        23. Bringing him a supposedly black tulip          24. Conga line in one door of the library and out the other       25. Copa Cabana, Hawaian Room       26. White Beeches       27. "Beach" parties and driving wrecks through the trees        28. Hishon     29. Kipp      30. Jim Woods, Bob Hallstrom      31. Dennis Villone       32. "I don't get mad, I get even"--among others     33. Mrs. Westervelt         34. Bergenfield     35. Drying handkerchiefs on the radiator    36. "You're a foul ball"     37. Mr. Mitchell